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“We adopted our family dog, Phoebe, from Red Paw. Phoebe’s previous owner was the victim of a fire, and Phoebe was housed with foster families and in a kennel for over six months. Red Paw and their volunteers took incredibly good care of her – she is very sensitive and loves people and would not have done well in a shelter. Phoebe’s previous owner (an elderly woman) chose to surrender her, and we adopted her after meeting Phoebe and Jen Leary, Red Paw’s founder, at an event. Jen was professional and clearly passionate about her work. I’ve now known Red Paw for over six months and am very impressed with all of their work. They are truly making a difference for pets and families in distress.”

– Red Paw adopter

“Red Paw is a unique and desperately needed service in the Philadelphia area. The organization allows families to be reuinited after a tragic and life altering event. I currently work in a shelter and have first hand experience with situations in which people are forced to place their beloved pets in the shelter after a fire destroyed their home. Most human shelters do not allow pets and these people had no choice but to make the devastating decision to surrender their animals, not knowing what their fate may be. I personally can’t imagine losing a precious family member in additional to all of my wordly possessions. Thanks to Red Paw, families will now have the peace of mind knowing that their pet is safe and that they will all be a family once again.”

– Red Paw supporter

“When I found Red Paw, I knew it was the spot in the world I was meant to help. I’m passionate about helping people and I love working with animals – and Red Paw does both. While many rescues are focused on adoption, Red Paw jumps to the aid of people who have been the victims of disaster (large or small, from house fire to natural disaster). Getting back on your feet after a disaster can be incredibly tough, but Red Paw is there to make sure that your pets are something you don’t have to worry about while everything else is sorted out. Red Paw provides any needed emergency medical care, routine vet care and spay/neuter, and makes sure pets are fed, housed, and loved for as long as it takes for their people to get back on their feet. Reuniting a pet with their people is one of the best moments I’ve been able to witness again and again, and it never gets old. Without Red Paw, people are continually forced to surrender their pets when an unexpected disaster throws a wrench in the works, and temporary housing isn’t always pet friendly. Red Paw is there for those situations with their full support of a team of dedicated individuals.”

– Red Paw volunteer

“As a volunteer with City Kitties, a neighborhood cat rescue, I saw what happened when fires and other small-scale disasters left people and their pets without a safe place to stay: cats left in burned-out buildings for weeks; dogs left at shelters because their owners couldn’t find pet-friendly temporary housing. Red Paw Emergency Relief Team fills a unique and critical niche in the animal rescue and sheltering community. Countless pets and their people rely on Red Paw’s dedicated volunteers and 24/7 service. Red Paw is simply amazing!”

– Red Paw supporter

“As a volunteer with Red Cross, I saw first hand the tragedy of families who had to either leave their pets in the burned out house or decline lodging from Red Cross. What a joy that a Philadelphia Fire Fighter had the idea, and enormous amount of energy, to start up this fantastic organization. Warms my heart every time I see the story of one of the Red Paw animal/family reunions on FaceBook. Also, all the money I donate goes directly to the care of the animals entrusted to Red Paw. There are virtually no administrative costs!”

– Red Paw donor


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