Santa’s little helpers

Red CupWe at Red Paw love anything RED! You all know how much we love the RED Cross! And anyone that knows me personally knows how much I love Starbucks and how excited I get about RED cup season! And then there is Santa Claus; he wears RED! Santa is obviously an animal lover – look at all those pet portraits he does this time of year – and his main man is…Rudolph the RED Nosed Reindeer! So you’ve gotta love him, right?! We do, but we take issue with Santa’s poor fire safety habits.

Let’s start with the way he enters a home by sliding down a chimney. Really?! That is very, very dangerous! Not only could it be lit or have hot embers in it that could catch his red suit on fire, but he could track them around the house and then leave them to smolder. Then there’s the way he puts all those wrapped presents under the Christmas tree without even checking to see if it’s properly watered first. If there is a short in the lights there are a whole lot of flammable materials that could ignite. And the pipe he smokes – he’s just asking for trouble carrying that around with him! Not only is it bad for his health, but to be smoking it around all those kids he deals with? SantaKids love to play with matches and lighters. Santa should know better! And lastly, the milk and cookies – Santa expects to have fresh baked cookies at every house. Cooking is one of the leading causes of fires during the holidays. He should follow the example of his reindeer and try something that doesn’t require an oven! Mmmmmmm, carrots. 🙂

This holiday, make sure to be one of Santa’s little helpers (See what I did there?!…Google it). If you must use your fireplace, be sure it is completely out before you go to sleep. Remove all embers and put them in a metal, airtight container outside and away from your home. Make sure you water your tree everyday and that the lights are new and not cracked or worn, and make sure to place matches and lighters in a safe place where kids can’t get to them. If you do decide to leave Santa those fresh baked cookies, be sure your oven is clean, keep little hands and paws away from it while it’s on, and set a timer to remind you to turn it off.

The other RED things we love are fire trucks, but we don’t want to see them at your house!

Have a safe & fire free holiday! From the Red Paw Team!

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