National Volunteer Week

Response vehicleIt’s hard to believe that Red Paw is coming up on its three year anniversary already. Time flies when you’re having fun! Honestly, there are days when it feels like it’s been a lifetime! Those were during fire season. With April finally here and the warmer weather trying to stick around, things are starting to level out (notice I did not say the “s” word). This past winter we were the busiest we’ve been since we started responding on July 25th, 2011. Our responders averaged 3 calls a day, in 2 states and 8 counties, and assisted close to 200 animals!! All of this was during ice storms and snow storms and one of the coldest winters in a decade. This is crazy considering we are still an ALL-volunteer organization.

But now that Spring has sprung we move from response mode to events/outreach mode! Adoption events, tabling events, and preparedness presentations fill the events page on our website, all over Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey! Our volunteers will be out again, as usual, but this time they will be collecting donations, handing out fire safety info, Estherselling Red Paw swag and pushing our adoptables!

Some might say it’s impossible to have an all-volunteer emergency response organization, and I’d say they are right, but, luckily we have some of the most dedicated and highly skilled volunteers there are! Yes, due to the high volume of calls and high demand for expansion Red Paw will need to bring on staff in the near future, but our volunteers have already laid the ground work for what’s to come, they continue to do the hard work, and they are our boots on the ground! The rest will be cake! Happy National Volunteer Week to all of our dedicated volunteers and thank you!

To volunteer or foster please go to

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