Midnight and Louie find a furever family

The following post is by Angus McGill, Red Paw foster and adoptive parent

cuddlingAnti-social, mischievous, villainous, evil; all words Sarah may have used to describe cats just over a year ago. I loved cats, however, growing up we always had at least one and I missed having one around. To get Sarah better acquainted with cats, I suggested that we foster for Red Paw. I figured that by introducing her to a couple different cats through fostering, we were bound to get one that she would enjoy having around (or at least warm up to them in general).

So we signed on with Red Paw and very shortly received the first cat that would come under our care. By the time I got home from work, Sarah was already smitten with the tiny black cat, which also happened to be up for adoption. We knew that this was going to be our cat that first night.

Midnight followed Sarah around all throughout the day; this was clearly Sarah’s cat. Midnight did not care much for me, and to be honest, I was not too crazy about her. I suggested we foster again so that maybe I could find a cat that might be my little buddy. We fostered a couple cats but Midnight just did not get along with them. lap timeWe were fostering a cat named Denver for a while and he and I really got along, but the conflicts with Midnight were just going to make the whole experience tough. We eventually found him another home and he was adopted. We resigned ourselves to the fact that we were probably just going to be a one cat family that would foster when we could.

Then Louie came.

I am not sure how old Louie was when he came to us, but he was fairly small, with stubby little legs and a big head. He had a striking mackerel coat that was silky smooth. This was a handsome cat and I just knew his owner would want him back. Over the next few months the owner struggled to find a home that would allow cats, so Louie stayed and grew with us. We slowly introduced him to Midnight and they seemed to, at least, tolerate each other. By the time we heard that Louie was going to go up for adoption, he was a different cat. He had grown quite a bit, but more importantly, he had become part of our family.

couchSarah and I talked it over and decided that Louie had a good chance of finding a great home with another family. Although it was tough, we had to give him that chance. Sarah brought him down to the adoptables room, and that’s when it hit her. She saw that Louie just could not understand why we were letting him go, and that is what it took for us to realize the same. When I got home from work, Sarah told me how scared and how upset he was and we really had to consider taking him in. And I was already sold, Louie was my little buddy and I wanted him back.

We rushed downtown to get to the shelter before it closed and picked up Louie and brought him home. Since then, Midnight and Louie have started to play together and Midnight has even warmed up to me. I think she knows we make a better family this way too. So within the year, we went from cat skeptics to cat owners, all thanks to fostering with Red Paw.

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