Anderson Cooper’s Special Report

Anderson and Anderson

My name is Anderson Cooper. They (the people who rescued me and my family from the fire in our home) were calling me Justin for a little while but now they call me Anderson. I think it suits me. And everyone tells me I look like “THE” Anderson Cooper! I’m around 6-7 weeks old and as far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a reporter, just like the real Anderson Cooper! It just seems to come naturally to me. For instance, during the fire on Lippencott St, where my family and I were displaced from our home, I was watching everything that was going on and reporting back to my mom, Jingles, and my brothers and sisters, so they wouldn’t be as scared. I’m very inquisitive and never stop moving and I’m always exploring my surroundings. These are good traits for a reporter, I’ve been told!

The night the fire in our house happened we went to what is called the University of Pennsylvania Vet Hospital. It was really bright and noisy and there were lots of other animals there, and it smelled kind of weird, but that was fine ’cause so did we! There were so many nice doctors and vet techs there, I felt like a rock star! They kept ogling at us and telling us how cute we were! I tried to pay attention and take it all in, listening, watching, and I learned that this place was just for emergencies. Red Paw, the people who rescued us, were worried that we were sick because of the fire, something called smoke inhalation, so they took us there. I’m glad they did cause that is where I got the idea for this story!

Anderson posing

My mom and brothers and sisters and I have never gone to a doctor before. Honestly, before the fire I never even knew what they did. I wanted to compare and see the difference between the emergency hospital we had gone to after the fire and a vet hospital, where I learned, we should go for wellness checks. So, yesterday, my foster moms took me and my family to the VCA Cat Hospital. This is different than the hospital we went to after the fire. This is the place where dogs and cats go for regular check ups. It was much calmer and quieter than the emergency hospital. They put us in this little room all together. They checked out my mom for a while, took her temperature (which did not look like fun!), they listened to her chest, felt her belly, weighed her and took some blood from her. They also asked a lot of questions about her diet, when she was spayed and vaccinated and her energy level, you’d think they were doing the reporting!! After they were done examining my mom, it was my turn! To be a good investigative reporter you have to be willing to dive into your work, so I let them weigh me and look at my eyes and ears. I have to be honest, I was not looking forward to the thermometer! Luckily, they didn’t need to use it! They must have known I was writing everything down!

These last few weeks have been eye opening-no pun! Bringing new kittens like me to the vet right away is so important. We need to be de-wormed and we need our vaccinations so we don’t get sick and a good flea treatment regimen as soon as we are big enough. Anderson at the vetRight after we were rescued, our fosters gave us all a bath in this stuff called Dawn soap. We did not like it at the time, although the bubbles were fun, but I understand now why they did it. We had what they call fleas and could have gotten flea anemia, which could have made us very sick and lethargic. We also could have gotten what is called parasites, it’s what makes your tummy hurt and makes it hard to for us to gain weight and keep food down.

The vet said that we will have to be de-wormed again in 2-3 weeks and that we should start to get our vaccinations and in a few weeks we should be old enough to get spayed and neutered. Where I come from many cats don’t get spayed and neutered; my mom had four litters of kittens before me and now, even though she’s only three or four by the looks of her teeth, she has some health issues that Red Paw is handling. Today, we don’t weigh quite enough to be spayed and neutered but believe me, I now know how important it is to stop the overpopulation of cats and for all around general good health. Tomorrow we will start our vaccinations at PAWS and meet some more really cool doctors and vet techs. This place is even different than an emergency or a vet hospital, so I can’t wait to report on our family trip to the clinic! I can’t say I’m looking forward to it but I’ll be happy once it’s done and it helps us to feel good, so I can keep on reporting!

Thanks for reading and good night!

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