All you need is love

Written by Red Paw foster, C. YarnallUntitled-2

Bee Bee, a senior girl, came into Red Paw in January 2013 due to a fire in her home in North Philly. Right away, her owner, who was a senior himself, stated that he wasn’t sure he would be able to take her back. He had her since she was young but wasn’t sure he’d be able to care for her any longer. Red Paw worked with him for a while, hoping to be able to reunite them, but eventually she was surrendered to Red Paw’s care.

While she was with Red Paw fosters, Janet and Micah, her bloodwork was run. It showed a high level of BUN/Urea (43 mg/dL), and was indicative of advanced kidney disease. She also had a seizure (for which the vet prescribed Valium) and bladder issues (prescription of Proin). With so much care needed, and her prognosis not good, Red Paw decided to adopt her as a hospice dog…and after meeting with Janet and Micah, my fiance and I decided to adopt her! A few days later, i saw her seizure and it was not typical, so I switched her to a diet that was low in phosphorus; non-prescription brand Hills Active Maturity was a good start. In June, my vet called with BeeBee’s new bloodwork results – the BUN/Urea reading had dropped to half of what it was four months before, and is now in the normal/healthy range of 28 mg/dL. Not bad for a senior girl!

Untitled-1 Her coat will always be dull due to previous kidney disease. As for her bladder, it is felt that her pre-existing UTI might have caused the appearance of bladder issues. Since stopping bladder control meds, she has not had a seizure. She comfortably maintains a schedule of 4 walks per day. So while BeeBee is an old gal, all signs point to a retirement that is a little longer, happier, and spunkier. I’m glad because she is super-spectacularly-awesome. Thank you Red Paws, and thank goodness for you wonderful fosters, Janet and Micah.

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